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    The Yellow River Ecological Protection and Cultural Development Forum was Held during the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of NCWU


    The song has been written by rivers, and the dream has been made by water and power. With seven decades passing by, NCWU is cheered with its vigor now and forever. Our university held the Yellow River Ecological Protection and Cultural Development Forum and the symposium on the 70th anniversary of NCWU on Longzihu campus in 16th October, 2021. Banners fluttering, our campus is brimmed with a festival atmosphere. More than 1000 guests and friends from all walks of life, alumni and representatives of teachers and students gathered together. Furthermore, over 500,000 alumni and people in social circles around the world watched the ceremony online through five live broadcasting platforms, with a total of more than one million people who participated in the grand ceremony, celebrated the birthday and witnessed the new journey of NCWU.

    It is reported that a series of thematic activities, such as the forum on the development of the Yellow River ecological protection and cultural development and the opening of the 70th anniversary development forum of NCWU, the “one belt and one road” Annual Conference of the strategic alliance of water resources and hydropower research and the Yellow River basin high quality development forum, the International Academic Forum on ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin and so on, will be held with a theme -“reviewing the history, strengthening our strength, keeping pace with the times and creating new brilliance” during the period of the anniversary. In addition, Seven River Basin institutions, central leading enterprises, cooperation and construction units, industry academic celebrities, alumni representatives from various places and fraternal friendly colleges and universities will participate in the gala, talk about friendship and seek common development during our school celebration.

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