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    The Confucius Institute at University College of Technology Sarawak Successfully Held the Council 2021 and the Unveiling Ceremony of HSK Examination Center


    Address by President Liu Wemkai

    The Unveiling Ceremony of HSK examination center

    (Photos by Fu Wenjun)

    On the afternoon of September 23, the Confucius Institute of the University College of Technology Sarawak, Malaysia(UCTS) successfully held the Council in 2021 and the unveiling ceremony of HSK examination center in the form of cloud connection. President Liu Wenkai and vice president Liu Xuemei participated in the meeting in the conference room 4 of comprehensive experimental building on the Longzihu campus. Datuk Khairuddin, the president of UCTS, Huang Shengxin, the dean of the confucius institute there, and Huang Baomei, the council member attended the conference hall in Malaysia. At the same time, Li Peize, the international general manager of HSK operator took part in the meeting in Beijing, China. The meeting was chaired by vice president Liu Xuemei.

    The convening of this Council has condensed the consensus of both sides, sorted out the key tasks of the Confucius Institute of UCTS in the next stage, and laid a foundation for the development of Confucius Institute and exchanges between the two universities in the post epidemic era. After the opening of the HSK examination center, the Confucius Institute of UCTS will actively prepare for the examination, contributing to the promotion of international Chinese education communication, promoting the multicultural blending, innovation and assistance of the “one belt and one Road” construction.

    The leaders of the International Exchange and Cooperate Centre of NCWU and the ones work in China of the Confucius Institute of UCTS attended the meeting.

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