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    The Double Degree Students of the Sino-UK Cooperative Undergraduate Education Program Keep Pouring in Good News


    Recently, Yan Haoyu, a 2019 student majoring in Geological Engineering in the undergraduate education project jointly organized by NCWU and Teesside University in the UK, won the President Scholarship of Teesside University in the UK in 2021, which is 5,000 pounds (about 45,000 yuan). It is reported that the scholarship is one of the most important awards for international students at Teesside University in the UK and two Chinese students won it this year.

            Since the enrollment of the Sino-UK cooperative school running project began in 2013, NCWU has attached great importance to the quality of talent training and effectively introduced high-quality British educational resources, which has been widely praised by students, parents and all sectors of society.

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