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    NCWU Held the Opening Ceremony of “Chinese Bridge” Cultural Experience Camp and Online Campus Tour Live Broadcast Activities


    On the morning of March 1, the “Chinese Bridge” cultural experience camp of NCWU, which is hosted by the Chinese foreign language exchange and cooperation center of the Ministry of education, and undertaken by the international exchange and Cooperation Office of NCWU and the Confucius Institute of UCTS, held the opening ceremony in the form of video conference in China and Malaysia. More than 116 people attended the opening ceremony, including Huang Shengxin, the foreign dean of the Confucius Institute of the University College of Technology Sarawak, Malaysia(UCTS), Huang baomei, the Council member, Han Fule, the director and Yu Min, the deputy director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Center in our university, Zhou Yantao, the Chinese dean of the Confucius Institute of UCTS, Lv Zhenhua, a Chinese teacher, as well as over 110 students of the cultural experience camp from Malaysia. The ceremony was presided over by Huang Shengxin.

    It is reported that affected by Covid-19, the “Chinese Bridge” cultural experience camp will be held in the form of online communication through the Chinese alliance platform from March 1 to 18, 2021. More than 110 students are from universities, middle schools and primary schools in Sarawak, Malaysia. This camp is the first large-scale online learning project organized by NCWU for overseas students, aiming at providing valuable learning opportunities for overseas students interested in learning Chinese language and culture and stimulating their interests in learning Chinese and Chinese culture. At the same time, the implementation of the project will further explore the practice of “cloud teaching” in our university, and open up new growth and inject new vitality into international exchanges in the post epidemic period of NCWU.

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