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    NCWU Successfully Undertook the HSK for the First Time


    On November 21, NCWU successfully undertook the HSK for the first time, which is the first test held since NCWU officially became the test center of HSK. Foreign students from 17 countries such as Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and so on participated in three levels of this examination, including HSK-3, HSK-4 and HSK-5. The candidates mainly studied in 6 colleges and universities in our province, such as Zhengzhou University, Henan Normal University, Zhengzhou Institute of industrial application technology and NCWU. There are network examination rooms and paper and pen examination rooms in S1 Yifu experimental building and No.2 comprehensive teaching building respectively of Longzihu campus.

    Our university successfully applied for the HSK examination center in July 2020, becoming the second institution qualified to hold the exam in Henan Province. In the future, our university will continue to undertake HSK and expand the publicity, which will not only facilitate the foreign students from colleges and universities in our province to participate in HSK, but also promote the construction of our international Chinese culture and education platform.

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