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    The Delegation Led by Pereira, the Cuban Ambassador to China, Visited NCWU


    On December 11, Pereira, the Cuban ambassador to China, and his delegation visited NCWU. President Liu Wenkai and vice president Liu Xuemei welcomed Pereira and his party in conference room 5 on Longzihu campus and held a symposium. Liu Di, the deputy director of the European and American Department of the foreign affairs and overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Henan provincial Party committee, accompanied the delegation. Leaders of the international exchange and cooperation center, the school of international education, the school of foreign languages and other relevant units of NCWU, as well as Cuban teachers attended the symposium. Han Fule, the director of international exchange and cooperation center, presided over the meeting.

    Then, the guests watched the promo of our university, and Han briefly introduced the achievements of international exchanges and cooperation of NCWU in recent years. After the meeting, Liu Wenkai and Pereira exchanged gifts and had a cordial meeting with Cuban teachers of NCWU.

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