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    Introduction to International Office


    Promising Prospects for International Cooperation. NCWU has a long history of international cooperation. Since 1958, it has begun to accept international students and assisted in the construction of Vietnam University of Water Resources and Hydropower. In recent years, NCWU has paid more attention to international cooperation and exchanges, implemented the strategy of activating NCWU by opening-up, and constantly improved the strength of school running and internationalization. It has signed cooperation agreements with high level universities all over the world, including Swinburne University of Technology in Australia, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis in France, Teesside University in the UK, Keimyung University in Korea, Ural Federal University in Russia and so on, to carry out Sino-foreign cooperation in school running. NCWU has actively integrated into the BRICS higher education exchange and cooperation system, and become the leading university in the field of water resources and pollution control and the field of energy in the BRICS Network University. It has established the “Water Engineering and Energy Research Center of BRICS Network University and BRICS University Alliance” with Ural Federal University, the Sino-Russian High-speed Railway Research Center with St. Petersburg State Transport University, and the Logistics Engineering Research Center with Inha University in Korea. NCWU-Ural Institute, the first cooperative schooling institution under the BRICS Network University system, has been approved by the Ministry of Education and officially begun to enroll students. It became a major breakthrough achievement in the opening up of education in Henan Province. The year 2019 has witnessed fruitful achievements of the international cooperation of NCWU. It was recognized by European Union as a partner university and approved by National Energy Administration of China to be a member of APEC Energy Cooperation Partner Network. And its Confucius Institute was successfully established in University College of Technology Sarawak.


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